old stuff
This page contains sections that have links to old stuff I'm not as interested in anymore. It is here more for archival purposes than anything else.

    espresso and caffination
    I went a bit overboard when researching my espresso machine. I do not devote nearly so much time to that anymore, but here I have preserved the results of my temporary madness.

    programming tools
    A few things from my old collection of programming tools. Perhaps some of you will find these things useful as well.

    interactive fiction
    I used to spend a lot of time on interactive fiction, mostly as a player and writer of tools. I never wrote any adventures, but my page hosts the Jzip interpreter and Encyclopedia Frobozzica, if you've been looking for them.

    noteworthy articles
    A collection of links to interesting articles at other sites with short summaries. If these links all go away, so will this entry after I notice that fact.

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